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Produced By Shozae


Verse 1

Closing arguments, arduous work
tireless, and these new rap niggaz remain fireless
fire on, fuck ass niggaz deserve shots
these bars ain't for the thots, but for drops the cars
is essential, residentia,l republican hoods
shits all good, we all would if we could
but the scales ain't tipped right, right arm writer
fire like a jet fighter after burner wit burners, flyer
than ya average rap nigga wit words
I ain't lyricist, shit I'm just ahead of the curve
bitches curve niggaz'll swerve my vision is blurred
words is slurred/these are just the tales of a nerd/
slyly disguised, eloquent humble and wise
elegant wives/turn freak for piece of the pie
5 series with the cameras, hammers on guards
play point like kyrie king to a god

The boom bap, snipers'll zoom clap
any witness, it's bout the flows and the bitches
all a nigga need plus a shooter who breathe
silent in the coldest climate
a nigga read bout tales of those who failed
bailed on they on they prominence, still made a mark on the game
create dominance, honestly, I just wanna be happy
but paranoia got me thinking that you wanna clap me
all the years the weed took me places I need
now the liquor just chills with the greed, hoping funding exceeds
all projections, lethal injection is all I
ever deliver at the cost of my liver, the root evil got the people
we can't ever be equal, life's a bitch but I need you
these niggaz all see through
and chill in glass houses, and some is even rockin blouses
I ain't got a clue wassup, all I got is feelings up in my gut, closing arguments


from Shozae & SageInfinite​-​Dark Minded 2, released November 28, 2014
Shozae, SageInfinite,



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